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To foster responsible evaluation of research and researchers, Europe needs a vision, roadmap and data infrastructures for creating FAIR research data as well as making the data about research activities and merits FAIR. The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) has secured EOSC Co-creation funding to forward these important goals.

As a part of creating the vision and the roadmap, we organised two sets of online bootcamps. First two bootcamps for creating the vision were held in November 2020 and they focused on the following themes:

  1. BOOTCAMP 1: Getting merits for creating FAIR research data (Nov 23rd 9-12 CET)
    • What we know of current merit systems for creating FAIR data.
    • Vision building activities - what type of merit system would encourage the creation of FAIR research data.
  2. BOOTCAMP 2: Creating RESPONSIBLE career merit information (Nov 30th 9-12 CET)
    • What we know of the current merit data.
    • Why would creating FAIR merit data be important.
    • Vision building activities - what type of FAIR research merit data world would we like to create?

The second set of bootcamps for creating the roadmap was arranged in February 11th and 17th 2021.

  1. BOOTCAMP 1: What should be assessed and measured? (Feb 11th 9-12 CET)
  2. BOOTCAMP 2: How should it be assessed and measured? (Feb 17th 9-12 CET)

BOOTCAMP 1 focused on the diversity of practices and activities, outputs and actors that guide the evaluation of research and researchers, through e.g. incentives and policies. BOOTCAMP 2 focused on qualitative and quantitative methods and metrics supporting responsible assessment and measurement of research and researchers.

Each bootcamp was facilitated by a professional facilitator and they were held online (via Zoom) and using the Mural platform. Participants were be invited to represent diverse stakeholder perspectives as well as different research contexts across Europe.

You can learn more about the project and the composition of the project team from our website.

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