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Last updated 11.2.2022

On this page you can find the latest updates from the EOSC Finnish Forum.


Expert blogs from the 18th RDA Plenary (1.12.2021)

Read the blogs of the experts who were sponsored by the EOSC Finnish Forum to attend the 18th RDA Plenary in early November 2021.

Materials from the EOSC Association & Task Forces webinar (11.6.2021)

On Monday 7 June, EOSC Finnish Forum organised the EOSC Association & Task Forces webinar where the EOSC Association President, Karel Luyben, shared the latest information on the new Advisory Groups and the Task Forces within them. He also clarified why and how to join the EOSC Association and answered webinar participants´questions. The presentation slides are available in a shared folder and the recording of the webinar is on YouTube.

Visiting Edinburgh through RDA plenary 2021 (24.5.2021)

EOSC Finnish Forum supported participation of two of its members to the virtual RDA plenary through an open call. Below is the blog by Iina Hepolehto, University of Helsinki. 

On 20th–23th April, the 17th RDA plenary took place, and I was attending it as an early careerist for my first time. Plenary was hosted on a virtual platform by the Digital Curation Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Primarily I was attending plenary as a librarian, since in November 2020 I started as a Science Information Specialist at Helsinki University Library, where I instruct researchers with their research data management issues. Furthermore, I have a background from the research site, since I am a Ph.D. candidate from ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Helsinki. Therefore, I had two roles attending the RDA plenary.

The work of RDA has become somewhat familiar while working at the Helsinki University Library during these last six months. Furthermore, since I am working in the data support team, my work is related to RDA outputs and recommendations on the daily basis. Anyhow, it was a bit obscure for me, what practically happens in the RDA, and how I could get involved.

From the plenary, I got a better insight into data stewardship, PIDs, new general data management recommendations, and metadata recommendations. Also from the plenary, I got an insight into what might be the issues related to challenges about data management issues that researchers need help, guidance and tools with. Beforehand, I had a special interest in health data working groups since I am advising researchers from the medical, veterinary, and microbiological sciences, and therefore, I especially attended sessions by those groups.

From the poster session the poster from Dan Phillips (Dalhousie University) about instructing how to describe data, gave me straightforward tips to use in our training sessions for researchers. It was also good to know that in RDA exists such a group as Early Career and Engagement IG, which would be the easiest way to get involved in RDA if you are unfamiliar with RDA’s work. From this group, early careerists and unfamiliar with RDA could get ideas on how to choose a suitable interest or working group.

What I benefitted most was that I got familiar with RDA’s work. I got knowledge of how the interest and working groups are operating, and also, how these groups form from the birds of the feather. I feel more prepared to approach any working group in the future. The RDA’s work is essential for my work since my role is to adopt new recommendations of RDM and also familiarize researchers with them.

EOSC & RDA webinar: material available & heads-up on interesting RDA Groups (31.3.2021 )

On the 25th of March, EOSC Finnish Forum organized its second webinar which looked into how RDA is supporting the EOSC establishment and what kind of role Finland can play in it. The presentations and the Mentimeter results are now available in a shared folder. The recording of the webinar can be found at EOSC-FF´s YouTube channel. See the agenda of the past webinar.

If you are interested in participating more actively into RDA, please find below a selection of RDA Working (WG) and Interest Groups (IG) that we think could be relevant for you because they are either related to EOSC or to topics where Finland has been very active.

A comprehensive overview of all the RDA Working and Interest groups is available at RDA´s web site.

Open Call for Early Careers and RDA supporters – Apply for a free registration for the 17th RDA Plenary! (11.03.2021 )

CSC - IT Center for Science offers the EOSC Finnish Forum members the possibility to apply for a free ticket for the next Virtual RDA Plenary, taking place from 20 to 23 April 2021. Members of the Finnish Forum who are early career scientists & researchers working with data or individuals working for a Finnish organisation that has adopted or is planning to adopt an RDA output or recommendation can apply. This applies also to persons studying or working at Universities of Applied Sciences. (Not an EOSC-FF member? Register now!)

Interested candidates are invited to fill in the application form below by Monday 29 March 2021 at 6 pm EET. The successful applicants will be granted with free registration to the 17th RDA Plenary and will be asked to write a short publishable summary (max 1 page) on how the session/s they have attended has contributed to their work/study. The summary will be published on the EOSC Finnish Forum web page.

Submit your application by Monday 29 March at 6.00 pm EET.

Applicants should satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be members of EOSC Finnish Forum. If you are not a member yet, please register now!
  • Be early career scientists & researchers working with data currently engaged in Bachelor, Masters, PhD or Postdoc studies (note that applicants must be enrolled in a higher education study course or within maximum 5 years after completing a PhD in the case of Postdoc studies) or individuals working for an organisation that has adopted or is planning to adopt an RDA output or recommendation.

Evaluation and selection:

Applications will be evaluated by the EOSC Finnish Forum Office according to the following criteria:

  • Interest in RDA and EOSC and how they support sharing and re-using of data across technologies, disciplines, and countries
  • Organisation type & Gender balance will be taken into account to ensure balance distribution of grants.

Deadline and notification:

Interested candidates are invited to submit the online application by Monday 29 March 2021 at 6 pm EET. Applications submitted after that will not be taken into consideration. All applicants will be informed of the decision 31 March 2021. CSC - IT Center for Science will offer altogether maximum of 10 registrations. Please note that the early bird rate to the Plenary is available until 2 April should you not be granted a free registration.

Finland launches its national Forum for the European Open Science Cloud (18.02.2021)

The Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM), Academy of Finland (AKA), the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) and CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. on Monday 25 January 2021 launched the country's forum for the European Open Science Cloud: EOSC Finnish Forum (EOSC-FF). Subscription to the Forum is open.

Read more about the launch of EOSC Finnish Forum.