Open Science Coordination

Last updated 5.12.2023

Open science and research (AVOTT) requires national coordination.  The aim of the coordination is to promote national dialogue on the objectives and means of open scholarship, to increase cooperation and to raise awareness of the opportunities, challenges and solutions of open scholarship.

The National Open Science and Research Coordination promotes open science and research, as well as discussion on its opportunities, challenges and their solutions in Finland. The coordination model is based on collaboration between the steering group, expert panels and working groups. The whole is supported by Secretariat of the National Coordination for Open Science and Research in Finland (AVOTT), which operates in the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM).

The AVOTT Secretariat supports the work of coordination and produces events related to expert work in open science. The Secretariat provides multi-channel communication and is responsible for producing the and the Open Science Newsletter (in Finnish). The Secretariat carries out the monitoring of open science and research and maintains international relations between experts in open science.

At the  core of the coordination is the National Steering Group for Open Science and Research, which consists of members appointed by the organisations of the Finnish research community. The steering group meets about every two months. The aim of the group is to define the national direction for open science and research.

The steering group works in close cooperation with expert groups. Expert groups meet at annual open science and research events. These meetings will jointly decide on the main coordination and cooperation needs of open science and research in Finland. The working groups set up by the expert groups shall operate on a fixed-term basis and contribute to a specific task. There is an open invitation procedure in the expert groups, i.e. membership is based on everyone’s own expertise without special representation of the organisation.

Open science is both fundamentally collaborative and international. The work is carried out in cooperation with national and international networks. Coordination is strongly based on the cooperation of the entire research community. The coordination includes universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes, financiers, libraries and archives.

Illustration of the coordination structure with the steering group, expert panels and working groups.

The shape of the coordination is formed by a unique joint effort of the entire research community. We welcome everyone in the project of opening up scholarship and science!

More information about the coordination:

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