National Open Science Secretariat

Last updated 23.1.2024

Finnish National Open Science Coordination engages the entire research community and has over 300 active experts in its working groups. The coordination is supported by the National Open Science Secretariat working within the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

Contact: avointiede(at)

  • Secretary General Henriikka Mustajoki, henriikka.mustajoki(at), away until august 2023. 
  • Senior Specialist Ilmari Jauhiainen, ilmari.jauhiainen(at), tel. +358 44 783 4208.
  • Senior Planning Officer Hanna Lahdenperä, hanna.lahdenpera(at), tel. +358 44 750 4202.
  • Senior Specialist Marita Kari, marita.kari(at), tel. +358 40 560 8068
  • Planning Officer Jonni Karlsson, jonni.karlsson(at), tel. +358 44 7412 255
  • Senior Specialist Elina Koivisto, elina.koivisto(at), tel +358 44 7456 518

Secretary General Henriikka Mustajoki

Henriikka MustajokiHenriikka received her doctorate in research ethics at the University of Glasgow in 2000. Research and teaching then took her to the University of Sydney, where she taught ethics in economics as well as research ethics, and she developed practices for responsible evaluation. She also taught research ethics at Finnish universities. After returning to Finland in 2015, Henriikka oversaw the development of national online courses in research ethics and open science. She started working as Head of Development in open science at the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies in 2018

At the secretariat Henriikka is responsible for stakeholder relations and international cooperation. She is the secretary of the National Steering Group for Open Science and chairperson of the Council of National Open Science Coordination (CoNOSC)

Henriikka will be taking a leave of absence from the secretariat until the end of May, 2024. 

Senior Specialist Ilmari Jauhiainen:

Ilmari JauhiainenIlmari received his PhD degree in philosophy on 2012. The topic of his dissertation was Hegel's logic, and his research interests include history of philosophy (particularly history of ontology, logic and philosophy of mind and 18th and 19th century German philosophy).

On the field of open science and research Ilmari has specialised in open education and he is interested in incentives of open science and research and in responsible evaluation and metrics. Ilmari represents the employees at the board of Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. He started working at the open science and research secretariat on 2018.

Senior Specialist Hanna Lahdenperä

Hanna Lahdenperä

Hanna received her doctorate in Nordic literature at the University of Helsinki in 2021. Her dissertation topic was Monika Fagerholm's novels, philosophical reading and philosophy and literature. She is also interested in Tove Jansson's later prose.

At the secretariat for open science and research Hanna works especially with questions concerning open access and responsible evaluation. She started working at the secretariat in 2020.

Senior Specialist Marita Kari

kuva Marita KaristaMarita is preparing her dissertation in information studies at Tampere University on informal standard co-development as a knowledge management process.

Marita has over 20 years of experience as information professional in the private sector. Professionally, Marita is currently especially interested in data quality and its improvement, as well as data analysis and visualisation.

At the secretariat for open science and research Marita is responsible especially for the implementation and development of open science and research monitoring. She started working at the secretariat in 2022.

Senior Planning Officer Jonni Karlsson

Jonni Karlsson.Jonni graduated from the Master’s Programme in Cultural Heritage at the University of Helsinki in 2022 majoring in the Study of Religions. The topic of his thesis was millenial spirituality from the perspective of social identity.

At the secretariat for open science and research Jonni works especially with open scholarship and commmunications. He started working at the secretariat in 2022.

Senior Specialist Elina Koivisto

Elina Koivisto.Elina has a background in animal ecology, primarily focusing on understanding how species interactions affect behaviour and population dynamics of wild vertebrates. She is also actively engaged in science communication.

At the secretariat, Elina works in the ROSiE (Responsible Open Science in Europe) project, where she started in 2023. Elina has also worked at the secretariat in 2020–2022 with responsible evaluation and communications.

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