Last updated 20.10.2023

EOSC-Nordic was a 3-year project operating as a part of EOSC. The project started in September 2019. It aimed to promote the deployment of EOSC in Northern Europe. EOSC-Nordic had a budget of € 5.99M. The project was coordinated by NeIC, which is part of NordForsk, and involved members from 24 organisations, in addition to the Nordic countries from Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Finnish partners in the consortium were:

  • CSC – IT Center for Science
  • University of Helsinki
  • Finnish Social Science Data Archive (Tampere University)
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • University of Eastern Finland

EOSC-Nordic aimed to:

  1. Harmonize regulations and guidelines governing the use of research materials in the participating countries.
  2. Increase the visibility and usability of the participating countries' services as part of the services provided by EOSC.
  3. Support the implementation of FAIR principles in the participating countries, both in practice and as part of certification processes.
  4. Increase the attractiveness of EOSC by experimenting and developing new well-functioning transnational solutions and services.
  5. Create a knowledge hub that supports skills development of new actors and communities and enhances their capabilities to utilize EOSC services.

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