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Last updated 2.3.2023

Henriikka Mustajoki

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Henriikka Mustajoki is the National Open Science Coordinator for Finland. Henriikka’s research background is in research ethics, which she continues to teach at doctoral level. Henriikka sees open science as part of a movement for responsible research and evaluation as a key driver for this change. Henriikka's ORCID profile

Janne Pölönen

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Janne Pölönen is the head of planning of Publication Forum at the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. He has training in the ancient Roman law and society research, and his recent work is in the fields of bibliometrics, scholarly communication, open science, and research evaluation. Janne's ORCID profile

Kathleen Gregory

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Kathleen Gregory is a researcher and PhD candidate at Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. She holds an MSc in Library and Information Science and an MA in Education and has worked in the fields of bibliometrics, open science and scholarly communication in both Europe and the United States. Her current research focuses on practices of data discovery and reuse in the context of informing the development of data search systems. Kathleen's ORCID profile

Dragan Ivanović

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Dragan Ivanović has worked at the Department of Computing and Control Engineering, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences in the position of associate professor since 2015. He is teaching seminars on the subjects Digital documents management on master studies and Selected Topics of Digital Archives on PhD studies at the Computer Science Department – these courses include topics related to: library standards, digital repositories (including OA policies and OA repositories), information retrieval, etc. He is a R&D team lead of the DOSIRD UNS project (DOSIRD US project homepage). Moreover, he is a member of EuroCris CERIF task group. Dragan's ORCID profile

Elina Koivisto

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Elina Koivisto is the project coordinator. She has a background in animal ecology, primarily focusing on understanding how species interactions affect behaviour and population dynamics of wild vertebrates. She is also actively engaged in science communication. In open science she is especially interested in responsible researcher assessment and incentives of openness. Elina's ORCID profile

Elina Pylvänäinen

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Elina Pylvänäinen is a Senior Planning Officer of the Publication Forum at the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. Elina holds an MSc in biotechnology and she has been working with research funding and evaluation. She takes part in the general administration of the project. Elina's ORCID profile

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