Online bootcamp: What should be assessed and measured?

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To foster responsible evaluation of research and researchers, Europe needs a vision, roadmap and data infrastructures for creating FAIR research data as well as making the data about research activities and merits FAIR. The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) has secured EOSC Co-creation funding to forward these important goals.

As a part of creating the vision and the roadmap, we will organise two online (via Zoom) bootcamps.

BOOTCAMP 1: What should be assessed and measured? (Feb 11th, 9-12 CET)

BOOTCAMP 2: How should it be assessed and measured? (Feb 17th, 9-12 CET)

BOOTCAMP 1 focuses on the diversity of practices and activities, outputs and actors that guide the evaluation of research and researchers, through e.g. incentives and policies.

BOOTCAMP 2 focuses on qualitative and quantitative methods and metrics supporting responsible assessment and measurement of research and researchers.

Registration link (zoom link will be provided in confirmation email).

Please register as soon as possible, latest by  Feb 8th. You can register to either one or both of the bootcamps using the same registration form. The number of participants will be limited due to the co-creative nature of the events.

More information about the bootcamps can be found from our website.

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