Open education

Last updated 16.1.2023

Technological advances give teachers new opportunities to share their teaching materials to a wider user community and even run online teaching sessions. However, opening up learning and teaching is also challenging and raises many technical, legal and cultural questions.

Open Education is education that often takes place using digital technology. The aim is to expand access to and participation in learning by lowering barriers and increasing its accessibility, supply and learner-centeredness.

Expert panel in Open Education

The expert panel in Open Education has the task of promoting and discussing issues concerning Open Education in Finnish higher education by, for example, writing recommendations and policies and updating terminology and holding events on Open Education.

The expert panel in Open Education has multiple chairs in 2023:
  • Aino Helariutta (Laurea)
  • Anna Lindfors (CSC)
  • Terhi Kaipainen (XAMK)
  • Anne Kärki (SAMK)
  • Minna Niemi-Grundström (TAU)
  • Tommi Siivonen (Finnish National Agency for Education)
  • Tarmo Toikkanen (Open Knowledge Finland)
  • Marjo Vallittu (JYU)

The secretary for the panel is Ilmari Jauhiainen (TSV).

Working groups

Viestintä ja opastus (roughly: communication and guidance)
Person in charge: Aino Helariutta (Laurea).

Oppimisympäristöjen saavutettavuus (roughly: Accessibility in Open Learning Platforms)
Person in charge: Anne Kärki (SAMK)

Avoimen oppimisen laatukriteerit (roughly: quality criteria for Open Education)
Person in charge: Terhi Kaipainen (XAMK)

Vastuullinen avoin oppiminen (roughly: responsible Open Education).
Person in charge: Ilmari Jauhiainen (TSV)

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Please, note that expert panel work is mainly carried out in Finnish.