Culture of open scholarship

Last updated 27.2.2024

Openness has always been part of responsible research. However, in a short time, what is meant by openness has changed. New digital tools and society's expectations create opportunities, but they also push the research community to increase the transparency of research and change the ways in which research is carried out, how results are disseminated and how researchers are rewarded. 

Promoting the culture of open scholarship culture can mean, for example, valuing and enabling the work done for open science and research. In addition, the expert group will consider, among other things: 

  • Responsible practices related to the merit of the researcher and the evaluation of the research
  • Services needed for open science and research
  • Opportunities and challenges created by participatory citizen science 

Expert panel in Cuture for Open Scholarship

The expert panel in open research culture has the task of promoting and discussing issues concerning the openness of the research culture by, for example, writing recommendations and strategies and updating terminology and discussing the role of open access to research results, data and publications in evaluating researchers and research.

  • Expert panels contribute actively in the making of national policies and recommendations

The expert panel is chaired by Miki Kallio (OY) and the secretary is Jonni Karlsson (TSV).

Invalid email addresses and associated names will be removed from the group's membership records.

Working groups of the Expert Panel

Kansalaistieteen tuki ja -palvelut (Citizen Science Support and Services)
Person in charge: Elena Svahn & Miki Kallio (OY)
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Avoimen tieteen termit (Open Science Terms)
Persons in charge: Tiina Käkelä (HY) & Tero Toivanen 
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Vastuullinen arviointi & kannustimet  (Responsible Assessment and Incentives)
Person in charge: Mira Söderman (TSV) 
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Vuorovaikutus päätöksentekoon ja avoin hallinto  (Interaction with Decision-makers & Open Administration)
Person in charge: Niina Nurmi (UEF) 
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Vertaistuki linjausten ja suositusten toimeenpanossa  (Peer Support for Implementing Policies and Recommendations)
Person in charge: Miki Kallio (OY) 
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Past working groups

Kansalaistiede (roughly: citizen science)
The working groups output was The Recommendation for Citizen Science

Palvelut avoimen FAIR-toimintakulttuurin edistäjinä (roughly: services as drivers of  FAIR-culture)
The working groups output was The Self-Evaluation Tool for Culture of Open Scholarship Services

Kannustimet tutkimuksen ja opetuksen vastuullisuuteen ja avoimuuteen (roughly: incentives for responsible and open research and teaching )

Yritysyhteistyön avoimuus (roughly: open collaboration with companies)
The working groups output was the Open Science Recommendation and Checklist for Research, Development and Innovation Activities in Collaboration between Research Organizations and Companies

Avoimen tieteen hyvien käytäntöjen opastus (roughly: open science guidance for good scientific practices)
The working groups output was a database form for collecting good scientific practices. (the form is in Finnish)

Vastuullinen metriikka (roughly: responsible metrics) 
The working groups output was the national recommendation for responsible metrics (in Finnish) 


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