Open data

Opening research data is a complex task. Just terminology can be challenging – should we talk about research materials or data? And what should be included in data?

Opening data requires huge amount of planning early in the collection phase. Opening data is also affected by legal requirements (in particular the new GDPR-regulation) and by the terms set by funding bodies. And when we finally as far as opening the data, storing it so that it can be genuinely found and used requires efforts by individual researchers as well as a significant enabling infrastructure.

Expert panel in open data

Open data is one of the four fields of the National Coordination of Open Science and Research. Each field has its own expert panel which contributes actively in the making of national policies and recommendations.

The expert panel is chaired by Susanna Nykyri (Tampere University) and the secretary is Hanna Lahdenperä (TSV).

Working groups of the Expert Panel

Datakoulutukset (roughly: open data training)
Person in charge: Anne Sunikka (Aalto University)
Dynaamiset DMP:t (roughly: Dynamic DMP:s)
Person in charge: Juuso Marttila (Jyväskylä University). Secretary: Soile Manninen (University of Helsinki)
Wiki workspace
Tutkimusmenetelmien avoimen saatavuuden osalinjaus (roughly: policy component on open access to research methods)
Person in charge: Leo Lahti (University of Turku)
Tutkijan datapalvelujen markkinointi (roughly: Marketing of open data services for researchers)
Person in charge: Pauli Assinen (University of Helsinki)
Wiki workspace

FAIR-palveluiden soveltaminen (roughly: Applying FAIR services)
Person in charge: Jessica Parland-von Essen (CSC)

Kansainvälinen yhteistyö tutkimusaineistojen avoimuuden kontekstissa (roughly: International cooperation in the context of open data)
Person in charge: Heidi Laine (CSC)


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Please note that expert panel work is mainly carried out in Finnish.