Open access

Last updated 19.6.2023

Open access to research publications by definition means that research publications can be read online free of charge and without hindrance. Open access to research publications is one of the pillars of open science. Through open access, research results are available to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

The benefits of open access are obvious but achieving them requires cultural change and redistribution of the publishing costs.

Expert panel in open access to scientific publications

The expert panel for access to research publications (open access) meets and discusses current topics. If necessary, the group appoints small working groups to address issues pertaining to eg. international publishing, financing, domestic publications or platforms and searchability of publications.

In 2023–24 the expert panel is chaired by Mari Katvala (University of Oulu) and the secretary is Hanna Lahdenperä (TSV).

Working groups

Kokooma- ja yksittäisteosten avoimen saatavuuden osalinjaus (Policy Component for Open Access to  Collections and Monographs)
Chair: Pekka Olsbo (OY). 

Opinnäytetöiden avoimuuden osalinjaus (yhteistyössä Oppimisen avoimuuden asiantuntijaryhmän kanssa) (Policy Component for Open Access to Theses, in collaboration with the Expert panel on open education)
Chairs: Tomi Rosti (UEF, Expert panel in open access to research publications) ja Marjo Vallittu (JY, Expert panel on open education).

Ei-vertaisarvioitujen julkaisujen (ammattijulkaisujen) kentän kartoittaminen (Mapping the Field of Non-Peer-Reveiwed (Professional) Publications)
Chair: Anna-Kaarina Linna (Publication Forum).


Participate in the expert panel/a working group by filling in the registartion form (in Finnish). If you need more information about the expert panels, please email the secretariat at

Please note that expert panel work is mainly carried out in Finnish.