Open access

Open access to research publications is one of the pillars of open science. Through open access, research results are available to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

The benefits of open access are obvious. Achieving open access in reality, however, requires cultural change and a re-organisation of the current financing model.

Expert panel in open access to scientific publications

The expert panel for access to research publications (open access) meets and discusses current topics. If necessary, the group can designate small working groups to address issues pertaining to eg. international publishing, financing, domestic publications or platforms and searchability of publications.

  • Expert panels contribute strongly in the making of national policies and recommendations

In 2020 the expert panel is chaired by Leena Kaakinen (Federation for Science Publishing in Finland) and the secretary is Sami Syrjämäki (TSV).

Working groups of the Expert Panel

During spring 2020 the following Finnish speaking working groups will gather to promote the policy for open access to scholarly publications

  • Suositukset tutkimusorganisaatioille (roughly: Recommendations for research organizations), persons in charge: Maija Merimaa & Riitta Koikkalainen
  • Suositukset rahoittajille (roughly: Recommendations for financiers), persons in charge: Timo Vilén & Sami Syrjämäki
  • Suositukset koskien tekniikkaa ja teknologiaa (roughly: Recommendations regarding technique and technology), persons in charge: Joonas Nikkanen & Jyrki Ilva


Participate in the expert panel/a working group by

Please, note that expert panel work is mainly carried out in Finnish.