Webinar: Research data management and digital preservation

Kuvituskuva, tekijä: Mathew Scwartz, Unsplash

The topic of the webinar is the digital preservation of research data. What is digital preservation? How should the data be documented and licensed before preservation? How does the preservation service and process work in Finland?

This webinar is the first in series of digital preservation. We will continue with the videos and materials with the following themes:

  • Open formats and data quality
  • PIDs
  • Metadata standards
  • Managing files and file naming
  • Check sums

The webinar is intended for data support personnel and researchers who are interested in digital preservation.

Presenter: Jonas Tana, CSC

The webinar is open for all, you don´t need a registration.

Zoom link to the webinar: https://cscfi.zoom.us/j/65013818370

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