Culture of open scholarship

Openness has always been part of responsible research. However, in a short time, what is meant by openness has changed. New digital tools and society's expectations create opportunities, but they also press the research community to increase the transparency of research and change the ways in which 
  • research is carried out, 
  • how results are disseminated and 
  • how researchers are rewarded
These changes bring with them a new field of work that is often challenging. What is needed for research to be more open, accessible and transparent? How should open science become part of the everyday work of the research community?
Expert group in Culture for Open Scholarship
The expert group in open research culture has the task of promoting and discussing issues concerning the openness of the research culture by, for example, writing recommendations and strategies and updating terminology and discussing the role of open access to research results, data and publications in evaluating researchers and research.
The expert group is chaired by Laura Himanen (TUNI) and the secretaries are Janne Pölönen (TSV) and Eeva Savolainen (TSV).