Monitoring 2024

Last updated 7.5.2024

This page summarizes the new indicators and key changes as well as the implementation schedule for the monitoring of open science and research in 2024. In addition, the page contains links to the indicators in workbook format and to a presentation describing the topic in more detail at the Open Science and Research (AVOTT) summer days 2023 (in Finnish only).

    New indicators

    Key changes to the 2022 indicators

    • The option of completion within the next 12 months has been removed from the established indicators of policy documents. An indicator implemented in the 2022 monitoring by more than 70% of all responding research organizations is considered established.
    • The indicator of policy documents in responsible evaluation has been changed to better comply with the activities of different types of research organizations.
    • The quantitative indicators of the publications have been refined so that each publication will be taken into account in only one quantitative indicator in the future.
    • Good practice questions have been removed.

    Learn more of the indicators of the 2024 AVOTT monitoring:

    Implementation in 2024

    At the beginning of 2024, the AVOTT secretariat will review the usability of the new quantitative indicators. In addition, an open workshop on the formulation of monitoring questions is organized, where the results of the indicators' usability test will also be reviewed.

    The finalized questions of the monitoring will be published in the spring of 2024 after the workshops.

    In connection with the monitoring, information on the total costs of open access and publication to Finnish research institutions will be collected in the same way as in 2022. The questions of the total cost survey will be linked to this page later.

    Monitoring in 2024 will be carried out according to the schedule presented in the monitoring model:

    Image explaining the monitoring cycle: Data collection: a survey in May, data from the portal retrieved in June, analysis: the results of the monitoring in October, preparing the next cycle: The Steering Group decides on the indicators of the next monitoring cycle. The indicators for the next monitoring cycle published in December.