Declaration for Open Science and Research 2020-2025

Last updated 4.8.2022

The Declaration for Open Science and Research presents a common vision for the Finnish research community. This vision states that open science and research should be integrated in researchers’ everyday work and support not only the effectiveness of research outputs but also the quality of research. Furthermore, the vision sees the Finnish research community as an international forerunner in open science and research.

The path toward the vision is described in a mission for Open Science and Research. The mission is:

  1. to promote openness as a fundamental value throughout the research community and its activities
  2. to strengthen societal knowledge base and innovation and
  3. to  improve the quality of scientific and artistic research outputs and the educational resources based on them, and the fluid mobility and impact of research outputs throughout society between researchers and research teams, between fields of science and research, between research and education, between researchers and the private sector, the public sector and the third sector, and between researchers and society’s decision makers and citizens.

Development of the Declaration

The National Steering Group for Open Science and Research started drafting the Declaration in March 2019. The declaration was open for public comment from 16th of September to 14th of October 2019. The declaration was accepted at the Steering Group meeting on 10th of December 2019 and published on 9th of January 2020.