Comment on the draft policy component on open research methods

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The draft policy component on open access to research methods and infrastructures is open for comments until 24 May 2022.

This draft is the second policy component in the Policy on Open Research Data and Methods. It is based on the same strategic principles as the Policy Component on Open Access to Research Data (2021), but the introduction to the whole policy has been updated.

Diagram of the relationship between open science documents. The Declaration of Open Science and Research forms the top of a three-tiered pyramid, policies form the middle, and recommendations form the basis of the pyramid. The policies consist of strategic principles as well as policy components with related objectives and actions. Four areas of open science will be addressed: open culture of research (no polic components), open access (policy components on journal articles, mongraphs and theses), research data (policy components open research data and open research methods and infrastructures) and open education (policy components on open educational materials and open educational resources).

This policy component on open access to research methods and infrastructures has been drawn up by a working group under the Expert Panel on Open Data in cooperation with the National Open Science and Research Steering Group.

The research community is invited to comment on the draft via a web form 12.4.–24.5. A request for comments has been sent to higher education institutions, research institutes, learned societies, research funders, scientific libraries and archives. In addition to this, comments are open for individuals as well as organisations.

The draft is available in three languages:

In the name of open science, all named comments will be published on an open platform. Anonymous comments will not be taken into consideration or published.

After the commenting period, the working group will revise the draft and present it to the Steering Group during Autumn 2022. The goal is to adopt the policy components during 2022.

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