CoNOSC Paris APR2020

First meeting for Council for National Open Science Coordination (CoNOSC) will be held 16-17 April 2020. This event is hosted by the French Open Science Coordination and held in Paris. 

This event is by invitation only, if you would like to join the CoNOSC meeting, please contact one of the chairs for further invitation:

  • Henriikka Mustajoki, CoNOSC Chair, Open science coordinator for Finland (henriikka.mustajoki (@)
  • Marin Dacos, CoNOSC Co-Chair, Open science coordinator for France (marin.dacos (@)
  • Karel Luyben, CoNOSC Co-Chair, Open science coordinator for Netherlands (K.C.A.M.Luyben (@)

DRAFT agenda.

Thursday 16 April

Welcome address by the French Ministry for Science

First session 1pm-3pm - What is CoNOSC

Chair: Henriikka Mustajoki (Finland)

  • Purpose/Mission of CoNOSC - what makes CoNOSC special?
  • Vision for CoNOSC - What could we achieve? 
  • CoNOSC definition of Open Science

Coffee break

Second session 3.30pm-5.30pm - Country highlights

Chair: tbc

  • Country stories 
  • Identifying shared challenges, projects, tasks, success stories
  • How can CoNOSC help to resolve these?


Friday 17 April

Third session 9am-11am - Shared activities

Chair: Marin Dacos (France)

  • What we can start doing together now
  • Intro to possible shared projects
  • How can CoNOSC facilitate shared activities?

Fourth session 11.30am - 1pm Managing FAIR data as a national task

Chair: Karel Luyben (Netherlands)

  • What are the national approaches for coming to FAIR data?
  • What are the national challenges in FAIR data?
  • How can CoNOSC support national FAIR data management?
  • How can CoNOSC stimulate discussion on data management?

Closing session 1pm-1.15pm

Chair: Henriikka Mustajoki (Finland)

  • What did we get from the first meeting?
  • What will make Conosc a success ?
  • How do we move forward?