EOSC Tripartite Event 4 October 2022

Group photo of event participants

A united effort towards the implementation of the EOSC vision: The first EOSC Tripartite Event in the Nordic and Baltic Countries.

The first EOSC Tripartite Event in the Nordic & Baltic countries was organised on the 4th of October 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia, supported by the EOSC-Nordic project and collocated with its final event and other regional EOSC events. It gathered 85 participants from the European Commission (EC), EOSC Association (EOSC-A), EOSC Steering Board (EOSC SCB), Research Performing (RPO) and Funding Organisations (RFO), EOSC National Structures and other relevant Open Science actors from the Nordic and Baltic countries to discuss the impact of EOSC on the region and how the region is contributing to the EOSC implementation.  The event was a continuation of the successful series of EOSC national and regional tripartite events that the European Member states and Associated Countries have eagerly started to organize this year.
The main highlights from the event are captured in the following short post event report (LINK). See also the presentation slides (LINK).
Please find below some key messages from the meeting:

  • EOSC is a web of FAIR data and related services, that will act as a crosscutting data space for science, research and innovation connecting all sectoral data spaces.
  • The Tripartite collaboration is a level-playing field for the European Commission on behalf of the European Union, EOSC Association on behalf of the research community and the European Member States and the Associated Countries represented in the EOSC Steering Board, to discuss, coordinate and implement EOSC. The partnership is crucial for directing investments to maximize the impact of creating EOSC;
  • There is the need for strategic coordination and multi-level cooperation in implementing EOSC and Open Science
  • All the Nordic and Baltic countries have committed to the European Research Area (ERA) priority action number one Enable the open sharing of knowledge and the re-use of research outputs, including through the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)and to support Open Science at large
  • RFOs and RPOs are the conduits to researchers for the EOSC uptake. EOSC is also an institutional responsibility.
  • EOSC national structures provide a network and communication channel for national stakeholders and all the Nordic and Baltic countries are getting organised
  • The tripartite event was useful to understand how the Nordic and Baltic countries are approaching the EOSC implementation and coordination. A similar regional event will surely follow.

Text: EOSC Finnish Forum

Picture: Henry Narits, University of Tartu


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