Apply for free registration and travel support to the RDA 20th Plenary

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The EOSC Finnish Forum launches an Open Call to attend the 20th RDA Plenary free of charge either virtually or in person. Apply by February 6!

20th RDA Plenary | 21 – 23 March 2023 | Virtual or In-person – Gothenburg, Sweden

CSC - IT Center for Science is offering the EOSC Finnish Forum members the possibility to apply for a free registration and travel support to attend the Research Data Alliance’s 20th Plenary meeting held in Gothenburg, Sweden 21 – 23 March 2023 either remotely or in person. The 2oth Plenary will also mark the Research Data Alliance 10th Anniversary with many satellite activities foreseen.

Members of the EOSC Finnish Forum who are scientists, technologists or researchers working with data or individuals from Finnish organisations that have or are planning to adopt an RDA output or recommendation are welcome to apply. Early careers are particularly encouraged to apply. This includes also persons studying or working at Universities of Applied Sciences. (Not an EOSC-FF member? Register now!)

Interested candidates are invited to fill in the expression of interest form by the 6th of February 2023 17:00 EET. The successful applicants will be granted with a free registration to the 20th RDA Plenary and travel support if they express interest in attending the event in person.

Successful candidates will be asked to write a short publishable summary (max 1 page) on the working session they attended. The texts should focus on the key take-aways on the RDA Recommendations and Outputs, connections to the EOSC or upcoming developments that are relevant for the Finnish Open Science and research data community. The blogs will be published on the EOSC Finnish Forum web page. (Read blogs from the previous RDA Plenaries.)

We will prioritize expressions of interest based on

  • The interest in RDA and EOSC
  • The work to support sharing and re-using of data across technologies, disciplines, and countries
  • Organisation type, gender balance, career stage, especially early careers, will be considered to ensure a balanced distribution of support and a more diverse engagement. 

All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their submission no later than 10th February 2023. CSC - IT Center for Science will offer a maximum of five (5) free registrations which can be virtual registrations or in person registrations including travel support. The travel support will cover exclusively flight/ferry/train and accommodation costs.

Send your application by the 6th of February 2023 17:00 EET.

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