RDA info & EOSC Finnish Forum's travel support to 21st RDA Plenary

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EOSC Finnish Forum has launched an Open Call where members of the forum can apply for free registration and travel support to the 21st RDA Plenary and International Data Week.

In relation to the call, CSC - IT Center for Science will hold a small event to introduce Finnish stakeholders to RDA, share experiences from participating in it, and present and answer questions about the travel support application process.


  • RDA in a nutshell / Maijastiina Arvola, CSC
  • Experiences from the RDA / Hanna Koivula, CSC
  • EOSC Finnish Forum's travel support and the application process
  • Q&A

The event is organised online and no prior registration is needed. Welcome!

Zoom link: https://cscfi.zoom.us/j/68931256255

Contact: eosc-ff-support(at)postit.csc.fi

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