Seminar on Integrity and International Collaborations in an Open Science Environment

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UiO Centre for Medical Ethics, the Centre for Global Health, and the ROSiE project will hold a seminar on "Integrity and International Collaborations in an Open Science Environment" on Jan 27, 2023, 12:00 to 15:30.

This seminar will be dedicated to the integrity challenges in international collaborations, especially with North-South collaborations, whether for research, capacity building, and/or other developmental and/or innovative purposes. Integrity refers to responsible, accountable, internally and externally consistent, equitable, and overall, ethical collaborative conduct. Although integrity has been enshrined in codes of conduct and is a necessary prerequisite for ethical collaborative conduct, some integrity issues still exist. These arise not least because of incongruence between the collaborating countries in terms of regulations, standards, and scientific practices, but also because of cultural differences in the definitions and interpretations of acceptable or ethical practices. In the current literature, it is commonplace to encounter terms such as “helicopter research, parachute research” or colonization through these various collaborative practices.

The most recent pandemic is an example of the exacerbation of these problems resulting in grossly delayed access for the Global South to vaccines. Open Science can either magnify or address these issues, depending on whether sufficient and deliberate attention are given to these issues as Europe and the world redefines research and collaborative integrity governance. The seminar aims to contribute to the debate by bringing together experts experts in international collaboration based on their track record and experience in successful North-South collaborations.

Participation is free but registration is required. Max 80 participants.

Registration for online attendance:

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