Open Science and Research Summer Conference 2023

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The theme of Open Science and Research Summer Conference in 2023 is the future of open science and research. The Summer Conference is organised by Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Open Science Coordination. The event will be held in Laurea on Tikkurila campus. Meetings of expert groups will be held online. Please note that the program is mostly in Finnish.


Monday June 12

Tikkurila, Ratatie 22, Laurea University for Applied Sciences, auditorium, entering floor

Online, remote participation (Stream)

9-10 Morning coffee in the auditorium lobby

10.00 Welcome, Hanna Lahtinen, Laurea University for Applied Sciences
10.05 Presentations

  • 10.05 Does Science have a Future? Jaakko Kuosmanen, (PhD, Dos.), Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
  • 10.50 Eat an elephant one bite at a time – how does a university for applied sciences react to advances in AI? , Mikael Uusi-Mäkelä, Laurea University for Applied Sciences
  • 11.30 Co-Developing the Ecosystem of Open Science, Susanna Nykyri, Tampere University
  • 12.00 Open Science and Research Monitoring 2024, Marita Kari, TSV
  • 12.20 Discussion

12.30 Lunch Restaurant Food & Co, next to the auditorium, entering floor

13.30 Coordination’s currents, Ilmari Jauhiainen, TSV

13.40 Policy component for Open Access to Research Methods & Infrastructure published

  • Leo Lahti, Turku University
  • Commentary, Susanna Nykyri, Tampere University

14.00 The Open Education Awards, Ilmari Jauhiainen, TSV

  • Finnish Open Education Influencer -award
  • Finnish Open Educational Resource -award
  • Finnish Open Educational Practice -award 

14.30 Coffee & cake

15-16 From Open Educational Resources to Open Learning Enviroments -panel discussion, moderators: Aino Helariutta (Laurea) & Minna Fred (Haaga-Helia)

  • A theory of change for scaling up librarian participation in Open Education, 10-15 min video presentation, Vanessa Proudman, Director, Sparc Europe, Paola Corti, Community Manager, Sparc Europe.

  • Mira Juppi, AMKIT-consortium, Savonia
  • Anna Lindfors, CSC (
  • Pekka Uotila, XAMK
  • Anne Kärki, Samk
  • Matleena Laakso, Tuni

Tuesday June 13

13.6.2023 Online, remote participation (Zoom)

9.30-15.30 Expert panels, short presentations and remote workshops.

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