CALL FOR OPEN SCIENCE ENTHUSIASTS 26.-28.10: Join us on Wide – Open Source Science -event and create a new solution to improve the accessibility of science! This event is organised together with the University of Helsinki IT Center, CSC – IT Center for Science, National Library of Finland, and Helsinki Think Company.
Wide is a three-day challenge and a hackathon aimed for developers, students, researchers, technologists and other open science and open source enthusiasts. By joining this event, you will grow your professional network, develop your co-creation skills and substance knowledge on open science. You will be taken on an adventure across the beautiful historical bread factory (Leipätehdas), with all ending in a spectacular final where the fine-tuned solutions will be presented.
Wide consist of two tracks with two different approaches:
CODING TRACK: If you're into code, you can dive into the technological side of open science and play with the provided data sets. Collect a team of 2-5 and craft a solution using the given APIs.
MULTIDISCIPLINARY TRACK: If you're more of a generalist, you can take a more conceptual, multidisciplinary approach. Collect a team of 3-5 or let us match you with a team to co-create a concept to make science more accessible.
WHAT: Hackathon & multidisciplinary challenge for open source science.
START: FRI 26/10 4PM
END: SUN 28/10 2PM
WHERE: Leipätehdas, Helsinki.
NO TEAM YET? Apply as a solo agent and we will match you with a team.
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