Instructions and policies

These pages provide information on rules and practices related to research and openness.

The European Commission encourages researchers to publish research data. The Horizon2020 program, funded by the Commission, launched a separate pilot, which also requires the publication of research data. With the update of Horizon2020's 2016-17 Work Programme, the pilot expands to cover all Horizon2020 thematic areas, whereby research data should be open by default. Research data can best be published in data archives that can be found, for example, through the re3data service. From the outset, the European Research Council (ERC) has been firmly behind the Open Access principles. In its guidelines, the ERC has also taken into account research data and recommends that it be shared whenever possible.

The Academy of Finland also calls for open scientific publication and recommends the opening of research data. Research funders are generally willing to accept the costs of open publishing, which can be generated, for instance, by the time spent for open publishing or by the publication fees, as long as they are already taken into account at the planning stage. Some universities may also cover open access fees.

Links related to ethical and legal issues: